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About me

Nathaniel Cooke is a martial artist, trainer in communication skills and student of  psychology / NLP who has spent most of his life not getting hit.  Nearly all of it, in fact. 

 Through training professionals in presentation skills and communication, and by  studying theories of training and controlling large groups of people through your own   verbal / non-verbal signals, he has found that many of these techniques can be applied  to aggressive or potentially violent situations.  Further research proved that these  methods are in fact the same ones that are applied by doormen, bodyguards, police  officers and control & restraint experts across the land.  He decided there was a book in  that.

His first foray in to the martial arts was at the tender age of 14 at an Aikido class with his dear old man, which lasted for a good three years before he discovered girls and alcohol, and getting up at 7am on a Sunday to train no longer seemed such a good idea. Over the years he has also studied in freestyle Karate, Jujitsu and is currently training in Taijutsu, in which he holds the rank of 3rd Dan, and Wing Chun.

One of the many ironies of martial arts is that the more you learn, the less likely you are to have to use it as your confidence and understanding of violence grow.  Nathaniel wanted to find a way to articulate this, to give people the same knowledge without the years and years of rolling round on padded floors in Japanese pyjamas that usually goes with it.  How Not to Get Hit is the result of this desire.

  1. Very cool adventure you have got planned. I’m not sure about the dates here, but have you already ended up in China or what? Curious as to how your adventures are so far, since I personally have just returned from a similar adventure. Very cool blog —

    • Hey there, thanks for the post and kind words! Not there yet, flying out in two weeks – where have you just retuned from?

  2. H. M. Stuart permalink


    In this sentence above

    “So, part of this blog is unashamedly self-promotion, raising awareness of what I believe to be a useful tomb for any reader;”

    you may wish to offer your blog to your readers as a useful tome rather than as a tomb.

    Regardless, I’d like to talk with you about blogging for Alexandria, which would also offer you the opportunity to promote your book there. Please contact me at the email address appended to this comment.

  3. Hello. I came across your blog via Linkedin. Very best of luck on your book and I hope you are enjoying China. I like your writing style. I also have a blog on martial arts, I don’t know if you will have time to read it, but you would be most welcome to.

    Again good luck on the book, it looks very slick!

    • Hi there, thanks for the comment! It is quite an adventure I’m having over here, can’t believe I have to go back to the UK in less than four months now. I’m glad you enjoy my writing. Your blog is interesting, always pleased to see people supporting the cause! Keep on training 🙂

  4. the philosophy that if you chop down the trunk of the tree the branches will.
    The book again is: Gozo Shioda – ‘Aikido ‘ My Spiritual Journey’ ‘ Kodansha USA -.

    When Tiger overheard some drunken tavern dweller brag about.
    This is when the novice’s mind is opened to the teachings of the art.
    In the past few years documentaries about martial arts came back to life.
    However, he is trained to be light on his feet, mobile and.
    However, it doesn’t just teach them to defend themselves physically but also
    psychologically, when facing a bully (who is most likely
    to suffer from low self esteem and picks on others to feel more powerful) a mix
    martial art student will have been taught to subconsciously show no weakness and look their opponent straight in the eye,
    respond to verbal insults with a firm voice, and propose a confident posture, all of which contributes
    to putting a bully off picking on this student as a victim and
    this is what in some classes is described to as the art of ‘fighting without fighting’.

    You have to know why and you have to be able to convey that
    to a student. Incredible fight sequences that give a glimpse into the unmatched
    speed and skills of Bruce, and of course the amazing and previously banned double nunchaku scene.
    Maybe you wanted to go into martial arts for a classical board breaking, kata performing,
    bowing, high kicking experience and instead, you got tournament minded sparring, grappling, sweating, and
    drilling with little to no culture involved.

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