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September 27, 2011

Busy week this week so no time to write anything of note or worth, I’ve started teaching and have been manically planning lessons and tryng to stay one head of the game.  For some reason I told the university I could add value to the education department, and am paying the price as I must now deliver six 2-hr lectures on education technology and theory in the UK.  Ouch.

So, in the absence of anything wise or witty, here’s a picture of a Praying Mantis that landed on Jess’s head last Friday.  Don’t worry, I have plenty still to tell you about.  Still to come:

1. Learning Mandarin (hard)

2. More Tai Chi (soft – and hard)

3. The rules to kanji roulette (dangerous)

4. The interesting characters drawn in by Mianyang’s only English bar (freak or unique?)

5. Travels round China (starting next week – Pandas!  World’s biggest Buddha!)

Oh yes, I nearly forgot – saw a woman pick up her toddler in a very busy Walmart on Saturday afternoon, hold him at a bin and aim a fountain of wee towards it .  Awesome.



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  1. Stuart permalink

    sounds like you are being kept on your toes. i look forward to your first kanji roulette outing.

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